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Monday, March 18, 2019
If you have a penis , an orgasm is pretty obvious because you ejaculate — semen is released out of your urethra. The number one way to try and have your first orgasm is with your hand. In fact, most women are unable to come just from penetration. So the clitoris is super important! So even if sex feels amazing, it can be hard to let your mind go to reach that climax. Sometimes it can take a while of getting used to a partner to be able to orgasm.
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Orgasms 101: Priming for the 'Big O'

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Urban Dictionary: The Big O

But is it possible to achieve real mind-blowing orgasms? Here are 10 ways to help yourself have amazing orgasms: 1. Self-criticism is a major passion squelcher. And nice girls do enjoy orgasms, so release your inner vixen and let her have some fun.
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5 Types of Orgasms and How to Get One (or More)

Why women orgasm has long baffled science, with no apparent biological reason for the cascade of pleasure felt as they reach climax. But researchers now believe it may have evolved in early humans to induce ovulation during sexual intercourse. Orgasms were once vitally important to trigger ovulation - when the female releases an egg - during the sexual act.
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Yes, it happens. And girls, admit it - when it does happen, we love it. Better than digging into a plate of food after a juice fast, and even better than finding your cell after frantically tearing your house apart.
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