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Tuesday, April 2, 2019
Kat Martin, a bestselling novelist, writes some pretty sexy consummations, like the one above, which can be found on Page of "Night Secrets," her latest historical romance. But Martin's love scenes are in the most common romance tradition: They're hot, yes, but not nuclear. And they're tame indeed when compared to the acts detailed by more audacious romance novelists like Robin Schone, whose contribution to the current -- and wildly controversial -- erotic anthology "Captivated" features anal sex:. While the ordinary romance novel contains sex as only a fraction of its content, "Captivated," billed as "Tales of Erotic Romance," features four stories that are far more heavy-handed and "out there" sexually than is usual in the genre. It's not difficult to see why it has come under fire, prompting some in the romance community to insist that it should be removed from romance racks and sold at the back of the store -- in other words, as frank "erotica" and not as "romance. The first story in the book, "Ecstasy," by Bertrice Small, would seem to make their case.
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Sex Acts in Romance Novels (esp Hist.) [Archive] - Absolute Write Water Cooler

Somewhat closer to fantasy than romance, but the Kushiel's Dart series by Jacqueline Carey is really good, and involves anal and bdsm. Ironically two women I know here told me how reading that when young influenced them. One decided she'd never have actual sex. The other had her first orgasms and was off on a lifelong path of fantasizing about being used. May not answer your question considering you ask for 'romantic' novel but just in case these help. Any of them I don't really read those I just bought one once by mistake, by JR ward, they're vampire themed and I'm pretty sure they have anal sex in them. But it's not exactly a common theme.
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A good romance novel, written by a woman, with anal sex in it?

So she seeks the advice of the mysterious and slightly monstrous Dr Facility. I had heaps of fun playing with the conventions of romantic love and the tropes of romance fiction when I wrote this story. Dr Facility lived on the wrong side of town, tucked away among the warehouses of the old docks.
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I think the first anal sex scene I read in a romance was in something by Robin Schone. I know that for many people, anal sex is definitely the line at which a lot of Squick Barriers are drawn. I also readily admit to being more inclined to find guy on guy buttsecks sexy than guy on girl. My view of anal sex scenes has also changed quite a bit over the years.
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